welcoming a new patient

Welcoming a New Patient

Best Kept Secret:

Are you the best kept secret in your medical practice specialty?  If so you are not connecting with your ideal new patients, those who would most value you and your unique and special services.  Think of the patients who are missing out on the experience of working with you personally.

You have spent a great deal of time, dedication, and money to develop your unique and special services and yet many of your ideal new patients will end up with someone else.

New patients are looking for you!    But can they find you?  Your ideal new patients are out there and they are looking.  Some of them are looking right now.  Will they have to settle for someone else who might be a less good fit for their needs than you?  Sadly many excellent medical practitioners are lost in the crowded listings online and often their ideal new patients will never find them.  That perfect new patient may not ever get the kind of help they are looking for because they did not get to work with you!

When prospective new patients are making the decision of which medical practitioner to choose they are sometimes in some real distress or having highly emotional concerns.  This makes the process of finding the right practitioner to best meet their needs even more difficult.

We help you stand out in the sea of faces.  Reach out and touch your ideal new patients when they need you most.  When they are actively or urgently looking for a solution we help you make a strong and meaningful first impression.  That is our specialty at PPC Medical Marketing.  We have unique high level experience at packaging and promoting your most outstanding services in a way that will help you engage and bring that prospective new patient into your office for their much anticipated first appointment with you.

We offer video production and placement services, and cutting edge media buying programs for online paid advertising.  We create a high impact program to bring you a steady growing stream of new patients.  We connect you with those new patients who are the right match for your particular talents, specialties and expertise.

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