CJ - 9-25-11 Head and Shoulders Headshot from cjcropwmod..._clipped_rev_1The Founder:

PPC Medical Marketing founder, Columbia Jones, brings to the table a unique and powerful combination of talents, skills and experience.  She has a true passion for helping medical practitioners get the best possible result for connecting with their ideal new patients.

Philosophy: The approach at PPC Medical Marketing is to provide each and every client with the exact quality of service we hope to get when we are purchasing a service.

“I believe in treating clients as I like to be treated.” Columbia says.  “That keeps things simple and in focus.”  Next is striving to be world class at what you do.  Last but not least is inspired teamwork.  That brings it all together and allows us to produce outstanding results for our clients.

In today’s highly competitive online arena there are so many competing for a precious few “Google Page One” top 10 positions.

Columbia is well prepared for this level of competition.  During her 16 year career in the music business she won gold and platinum records for connecting musicians and songwriters with their ideal audiences and helping them reach those coveted Top 20 positions on the US and International Billboard magazine charts.

It was during those years she honed her skills at marketing and discovered her love for promoting the careers of her clients.  The rise of internet marketing was a very natural fit for Columbia because it allowed such a vast and rich array of opportunities to connect your client with their ideal audience.

PPC Medical Marketing was born as Columbia recognized the specialized needs of medical practitioners to reach prospective new patients who would be a great fit for their specialized services.  Medical treatment has a very personal aspect and patients are most satisfied if they have a high degree of trust in their doctor.  That is why it is important to help both practitioner and patient be well matched from the beginning.  The final decision, of course, is up to the new patient but our job is to help the doctor convey an effective and authentic “look and feel” that makes a solid positive initial connection with each prospective new patient.

The Team:

Our video production team members are both highly skilled and sensitive to your needs during your video production session.  They will make you feel at ease so that you can put your best foot forward if you are doing live video.  They are also very effective at producing the currently popular “explainer videos” and all other video advertising products you may need.

Our PPC analytics team consists of Google and Bing Adwords certified specialists who excel at what they do.  In managing your Adwords campaigns we will make sure your medical marketing campaigns are optimized to give you maximum purchasing power and most prominent positioning on the search page.  We continually monitor and update your campaigns to give you the very best results for your PPC media program.

In running your top quality video or Google Adwords PPC campaigns we focus on connecting you with your ideal prospective new patients.  We use an integrated system  and select a custom set of components to get you the very best result in the shortest amount of time.  Our mission is to bring those ideal new patients through your door for their anticipated first appointment with you.



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