PPC Success

Why is PPC advertising critical to every medical professional who wants to connect with new patients?

Power – Speed – Control

Power:  Why are Pay Per Click ads more powerful than the standard organic search listings?  The key here is control.  You choose the time.  You choose your audience.  When you pay for your Google Adwords or other paid advertising campaign, you are able to focus much more tightly on reaching your ideal new patient.  Each ad can not only be targeted with regard as to who will see the ad, but you can get detailed tracking analysis on who is clicking the ad, how long they stayed on your ad, and other useful details.

Speed: Your Google ad campaign can be launched with the click of a button.  Set up the ad, pay Google, trigger the ad.  Moments later you are live!  Compare this to jumping through hoops hoping to land on the first page of Google for your desired keyword but having very little certainty of just when you will land there … if ever.  Then just when you do make it to that coveted spot on page one, Google makes a change and you are suddenly back on page 3.

Control:  With PPC marketing you can choose some specific targeting factors that determine who will see your ads.  With properly optimized campaigns you have much more control about who you will reach with your marketing and advertising dollars.  And last, but not least. you can gain extremely valuable insights into who you are reaching and how they are responding to your ads.  This allows you to make a tighter and tighter connection with potential ideal new patients.

With the combination of structure and analytics we deliver in your monthly summary reports you can readily see your progress toward your new patient acquisition goals.  Our well organized and easy to read charts and graphs will give you a clear picture of the past month’s events and vivid comparison with your past adwords performance.

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